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Best Vermont Special Needs Camps Summer 2024 Directory

Find the Best Special Needs Camps in Vermont!

Over 9 Vermont Special Needs Summer Camps Listed Below with In-Depth Camp Info, including: Videos, Photos, Maps & Detailed Descriptions

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Best 2024 Special Needs Summer Camps in Vermont

Many of our Vermont Special Needs Camps are still adding to their info on their 2024 Summer Camps, Programs, Activities & Classes.

You can contact each camp you are interested in to get the latest info on all their 2024 Summer Special Needs Programs for Teens and Kids.

Early-Bird & Multiple Camper Discounts at Vermont Special Needs Camps for Summer 2024

Some of the Best 2024 Special Needs Camps in Vermont offer "Early Bird" and/or Multiple Camper Discounts if you enroll in camp before a certain date, or if you are enrolling more than one camper -- check each camp's listing & website for more info, and for info on any available Special Needs Camp Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Summer Special Needs Camps, Programs, Workshops, & Classes in Vermont are Starting in June, 2024

Many of our Vermont Special Needs Camps offer Summer Special Needs Programs, Activities, Workshops & Classes starting in June, 2024.

Be sure to check the "Year-Round Programs and Other Camp Info" headings of each camp listing for specifics, or give any Special Needs Camp you're interested in a call to check on Summer dates, times and availability.

Summer 2024 Special Needs Camp Open Houses & Reunions

Many of our Special Needs Camps will be hosting Summer Reunions for their previous campers, and Summer Open Houses for interested new campers and families. Each camp is different, and some offer activities for the entire family.

Contact the camp(s) directly to see if there are any Camp Reunion or Open House Plans for June, 2024.

Best Vermont Summer Special Needs Day Camps Starting in June, 2024

Looking for a Great Vermont Special Needs Day Camp? Look at each camp's TYPE OF CAMP description. Many of our Best Vermont Day Special Needs Camps also list their exact hours, and if they offer before and after camp activities.

Best Vermont Year-Round
Special Needs Camps, Classes & Special Needs Programs

Many of our Best Vermont Summer Special Needs Camps also offer Year Round Special Needs Camp Programs, Classes, and Activities. You should contact the camps you are interested in to see if they offer Fall, Winter and/or Spring Special Needs Programs, too.

Best Vermont Summer Special Needs Camp Jobs

Searching for Vermont Special Needs Camp Jobs? Many of our Best Special Needs Camps are now listing their 2024 Summer Camp Jobs, too. Look for the heading "Summer Camp Jobs" in each camp listing. You can also check any camp's website for their "Work at Camp" or "Summer Employment Opportunities" pages.

View ALL VT Camps with Summer Work & Leadership Training Opportunities.

Some of the Best Special Needs Camps in the Northeast are here in Vermont.


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More Info

Computer Kids Club
Online Camp Bear, Delaware

Visit Our Computer Kids Club Website
P.O. Box 246
Bear, Delaware 19701

CAMPER AGES: Ages 5-12

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Online. M-F 8:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. OR 12:45-4:00 p.m.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: HALF-DAY Computer Camp in Delaware for Ages 5-12. Students use computer arts to design a POKEMON or UNICORN city and a RUBIK's cube! TYPING, CODING with MINECRAFT, MOANA, STARWARS & More. Engineering & Math activities. Build a Rover & Rocketship and learn the GOOGLE programs.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Special Needs are welcome.

Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Computers, Math, Science, Technology, Academics, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Camps will be held at All Saints Catholic School, 907 New Road, Wilmington, DE or Newark, Delaware location which is pending.

CAMP FACILITIES: The camps will be held in New Castle County schools in their computer lab.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: This program can also be delivered through our TUTORING service by appointment during the summer.

$235.00 for Monday-Friday Camp
Choose the A.M. OR P.M. camp for this fee

Seeking part-time technology coaches to assist with the summer camp hours. 

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Computer Kids Club

There are 9 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

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Vermont Special Needs Camps

Please note that our list of 2024 Vermont Special Needs Camps also includes information on Vermont Special Needs Camp Scholarships, Financial Aid, and other 'Campership' or Financial Assistance. Look within each camp's description for the CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE heading.

View ONLY Vermont Special Needs Day Camps?

Would you like to see a List of Top Vermont Special Needs Day Camps Only, Organized by City?

We will re-sort this list and show you only Special Needs Day Camps, organized alphabetically by city.

Ignite Learning Academy Virtual Summer Camp
Online Camp

Visit Our Ignite Learning Academy Virtual Summer Camp Website
Virtual - Online

Watch Our Ignite Learning Academy Virtual Summer Camp Video

CAMPER AGES: 3-17, depending on camp

TYPE OF CAMP: Online. M-Th, 2 hours/day

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Summer camps are a great way to have fun, socialize, create, and explore! With new themes each week, there's sure to be a camp that excites your child! Weekly camp themes include cooking, art, LEGO, science, wizards & magic, around the world, coding, and many more! All camps take place via Zoom and one registration covers all children in the same household!

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Children with special needs are welcome to attend!

Fine Arts/Crafts, Computers, Math, Science, Technology, and more. See Specialty Camp Info Below

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: All camps are run by Ignite Learning Academy, a fully accredited online private school serving students in preschool through grade 12. Camp leaders include faculty, administration, and external experts in the areas they will be teaching.

Around the World Camp
Art Camp: Arts & Crafts with Found Objects
Art Camp: Drawing
Art Camp: Painting
Cooking Camp
DIY/Pinterest Camp
Hawaiian Hullabaloo Camp
JavaScript Coding Camp
Leading Ladies Camp
Mad Science Camp
Outdoor Explorers Camp
Scratch Coding Camp
Wizards & Magic Camp
Storytime & Craft Camp

Please visit Our Camp Website Link: to view the dates associated with each individual camp.

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Ignite Learning Academy Virtual Summer Camp

There are 8 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

Special Needs Camps in VT
Offer Day & Overnight Options

Some Vermont Special Needs Camps offer BOTH Day and Overnight Camp options. Be sure to check each camp's description under "TYPE OF CAMP" for complete information, and exact hours.

Some Vermont Special Needs Day Camps also offer Extended Camp Hours for Early Camper Drop-Off and Pick Up. If you need these services, you should contact the camp to confirm availability.

Camp Wego
Vermont Location(s)

Visit Our Camp Wego Website

Florida Locations

Florida, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Travel Tours Camp

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Camp Wego offers high-quality tours for teen and adults with special needs year around. Our travel programs are unforgettable adventures. We are not your ordinary travel Camp! On our exciting, supervised educational travel programs, individuals learn new skills, make lifelong friends and explore extraordinary cultures in United States and abroad.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Camp Wego is a Travel camp serving teens and adult with special needs ages 14-65. We are a small travel special needs camp that travel in the United States and abroad. We are able to provide low staffing ratios, 1 to 4. (1:1 if needed) We have highly credentialed and experienced staff so each individuals needs are met. We add new and innovative travel and activities each year.

Our travel is designed to enhance social, friendship, culture, and other vital life skills that promote independence. Camp Wego helps travelers make new friends while traveling in a safe, fun and educational environment.

We offer high-quality supervised tours for teens and adults with special needs year around. Our travel programs are specialized for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Asperger's syndrome.

Individuals must be ambulatory and be able to take care of personal hygiene needs.

Swimming, Team Sports, Adventure, Travel, and more. Travel, Travel Abroad, Cruises, Camping, Sightseeing, Theme Parks, Culture

CAMP LOCATION: Our year-round office is located in Florida. Our trips depart and operate from many of domestic and international locations. Our staff training is held every year in Florida.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Camp Wego is fully committed to developing life and social skills for individuals with special needs ages 14 and up. We believe that our travel trips are a great way to experience independence, improve social skills, and increase self-esteem in a secure, safe and also an exciting environment. Our primary goals are to help travelers build self-esteem, develop better social skills and self-expression, make and maintain friendships, improve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory integration.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: Camp Wego travels year around.

OTHER CAMP INFO: No Financial aid offered.

Most trips cost $1000 and up

For complete info visit Our Camp Website Link:

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Camp Wego

There are 7 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

Camp Maple Leaf
Wallingford, Vermont

Visit Our Camp Maple Leaf Website
(802) 446-3577
167 North Main Street
Wallingford, Vermont 05773



CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: A fun day-camp in central Vermont focused on developing social skills for children and adolescents living with nonverbal learning disabilities, high functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome & PDD- NOS. Come join the fun!

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Focused on developing social skills for children and adolescents living with nonverbal learning disabilities, high functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome & PDD- NOS.

and more. Special Needs Summer Camp.

July 11th - July 15th (6-13 Years)
July 18th - July 22nd (14-17 Years)

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Camp Maple Leaf

There are 6 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below


Find a great collection of custom-made shirts, hoodies, bags, swag & gear on our RedBubble page. Click on any image or the link below.

More Info

Rebels of the Moon
Vermont Location(s)

Visit Our Rebels of the Moon Website
1461 Blood Brook Rd
Fairlee, Vermont 05045

Rebels of the Moon Overnight- 727 Caper Hill Rd, Reading, VT 05062

Rebels of the Moon at Willowwell Foundation- Bristol Rd, Monkton, VT 05469


TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. Day Camp.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers. All Girl Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Rebels of the Moon Summer Camp: Fostering Radical Self-Love and Community. Do you know someone who is looking for a meaningful way to expand this summer? Rebels of the Moon may be the perfect opportunity! We are a summer empowerment camp for young women, trans & gender non-conforming folks ages 11-17. Rebels focuses on connecting teens to nature, body and radical self-love.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Rebels of the Moon is welcome to individuals of all abilities, we will work with you to ensure this camp is the right fit. We are open to making personalized accommodations.

Dance, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, Team Sports, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. Yoga, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Vocal Jams, Hiking, Fire Building, Soul Collage, Leather Work, Team Building Games

CAMP LOCATION: Over Night Camp- We are located on a gorgeous thousand acre dairy farm on top of a beautiful hill overlooking Mount Ascutney. We will camp at a site called the Top of the World where views are equally stunning as magical.

Fairlee Day Camps- Located at Milldale Farm Center for Wellness on the rolling pastures of the 300 acre farm, Rebels enjoy the babbling brook and shade from the large maples that surround us.

Monkton Day Camp- Located on 230 acres of meadows, wetlands and forest this land offers magical spots for outdoor adventures, cooking by the fire and many tree forts.

CAMP FACILITIES: Overnight Camp- We have 20 high quality camping tents, that will host 2 campers at a time. Hot catered food will be delivered to our outdoor lean-to at the Top of the World camp site. We will explore camp fire cooking as well.

Day Camps- We will be outside with two pop-up tents to protect us from any Vermont weather. There is a yoga barn or yurt for any needed indoor day or activities.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Rebels of the Moon a summer camp built for young women and gender non-conforming folks who are interested in connecting to nature, yoga, social justice, community and radical self-love. We have a unique summer planned. We are pairing with numerous local non-profits to create meaningful conversations about gender, race, yoga, meditation and what it means to unapologetically love and appreciate yourself. We operate on a sliding scale fee to keep camp accessible to anyone who is interested.

Our Mission

To foster radical self-love through connections to nature, body, and community.

Rebels of the Moon are here to reflect back the bright light that shines from within.

You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be valued.

Rebels of the Moon Etymology

To be a rebel means no longer accepting the oppressive systems and structures that were forced upon us at birth. Being a rebel means finding your voice and speaking up when the world tells you to stay quiet. Being a rebel means knowing you are worthy and whole when the world tells you that you are never enough. Rebels are introspective and willing to challenge the culture and beliefs embedded in us.

To be of the Moon is to step into the divine feminine. Respecting that nature works in cycles, traveling from light to dark with fluidity and grace. Honoring Mother Earth and the lessons she teaches us. Knowing that to be vulnerable is to be powerful. When we honor the moon we find unity within.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We offer sliding scale for all programs. No one will be turned away due to their financial situation.

We offer limited full scholarships

We offer trade and barter opportunities for all programs

Contact us at rebelsofthemoon[AT] for more info!

Camp Dates

Sleepaway Camp: July 05-09 ( Ages 13-17) in Reading,VT
Day Camps: July 18th-22nd (Ages 11-13) in Fairllee VT
July 25th-29th (Ages 14-17) in Fairlee VT
August 15th-19th (Ages 11-17) in Monkton VT

Overnight Camp: $900 (Sliding Scale)
Day Camp: $500 (Sliding Scale)

Register today or Learn more head to: Our Camp Website Link:

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Rebels of the Moon

There are 5 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

Farmhouse Center Horse and Enricihment Summer Camp
Colchester, Vermont

Visit Our Farmhouse Center Horse and Enricihment Summer Camp Website
775 Poor Farm Road
PO Box 173
Colchester, Vermont 05446

CAMPER AGES: ages 6 and up

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Daily 8am - 5pm, many activities as horses and riding, culinary activities, gardening, inground swimming pool, arts, crafts, hiking and environmental explorations.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Please view web site for a complete listing of our activities. Horse fun, riding, culinary, gardening, inground swimming, hiking to the cabin in the woods, art, crafts, and environmental exploration.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: The director welcomes parents questions regarding any child with emotional and/or behavioral situations. We welcome an inclusionary model.

Horses/Equestrian, Swimming, and more. Definitely Cooking, Art, Gardening, Crafts, Swimming, Hiking & Environmental Exploration.

CAMP LOCATION: We are located about 15 minutes from the City of Burlington and on 100 acres of pristine farmland. The farm has 19 miniature and standard horses. Many of them are rescues and we have had them for years. This is their home. We have operated camp for over 15 years.

CAMP FACILITIES: Our camp facilities include an authentic farmhouse, a carriage barn and a large pole barn for the big horses. We have 100 acres, a cabin in the woods, inground swimming pool and gardens!

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Have fun! Give everyday the chance to become the most beautiful of your life! We two counselors for a group of 10 and one lead counselor.

OTHER CAMP INFO: We have three golden retrievers and four cats. Please contact regarding allergies.

Ten weekly summer sessions $250 per week 8a-5pm

Counselor in Training for middle and high school students.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Farmhouse Center Horse and Enricihment Summer Camp

There are 4 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

Summer Coding Camp
Burlington, VT

Visit Our Summer Coding Camp Website
(802) 656-2641
Waterman Building, University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05403

208 Colchester Ave, 202 Mann
Burlington VT 05405

CAMPER AGES: ages 10-18


CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: We welcome campers of all types, and staff and instructors will work with families and educators to provide the best instructional experience possible.

Fine Arts/Crafts, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Computers, Technology, and more.

Computer Programming Instruction
Mobile App Development
Web Development

CAMP LOCATION: We're located on the beautiful University of Vermont campus in Burlington Vermont.

CAMP FACILITIES: We have six modern computer lab facilities as well as a a "fab lab" and an off-site robotics suite. We provide access to mobile devices, advanced coding applications, creative illustration and robotics software and incorporate physical activities to reinforce coding concepts.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: This year we’re proud to offer five different strands of computer coding instruction:

Mobile App Development
Game Development
Web Development
Computer Art

In each strand, you’ll learn programming fundamentals along with workshops designed to make you familiar with the other skills necessary to continue growing in each area of learning.

The aim of this summer camp is to provide Vermont students grades 5-12 and educators with instruction in different functional, applicable areas of computer programming. To that end, instruction is focused on both real-world applicability of skills and supporting campers in the construction of a program, website, game or micro-controller project in full.

Campers will come away from summer camp not just having produced code that they can add to their portfolio, but with the knowledge of how to share out their work with other developers around the world, and resources for continuing their studies.

The camp culminates on Friday, August 8th from 4-6pm with an all-camp Community Celebration, to which all families and community members are encouraged to attend, to see first-hand what Vermonts students and educators can do with a week’s worth of code.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We offer a comprehensive need-based scholarship package at our website.

FAMILY CAMP SESSION(S): Camp culminates in a Community Celebration, where campers showcase what they've created over the week.

August 4 - 8, 2014
$499.00 for students 10-18, $199.00 for Vermont educators.
Scholarship packages available.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Summer Coding Camp

There are 3 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below

Theatre Adventure - Summer Expressive Arts
West Brattleboro, Vermont

Visit Our Theatre Adventure - Summer Expressive Arts Website
West Village Meeting House
29 South Street
West Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Watch Our Theatre Adventure - Summer Expressive Arts Video

CAMPER AGES: All Ages are Welcome

TYPE OF CAMP: Day Camp. Attend Online or In Person Sign up for one, two or 3 weeks

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: 2023 Summer expressive arts Immersive One-week camps. Each week with specific expressive art disciplines and focus. Join us for three weeks of dynamic and multi-disciplinary theater arts designed for a mixed ages group. Creativity and inspired teamwork will rule in our inclusive and welcoming environment! We will enjoy one another’s artistry and expressions of self.n a nurturing and creative community. Summer troupe members will experience story-telling, acting, sound, percussion, singing, song-writing, movement, yoga, stories, poetry, puppetry, painting, costuming, and collage.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Theatre Adventure empowers youth and adults with disabilities through the expressive arts while building self-confidence, leadership, and community.

The disabilities that many of our students live with include: Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, deafness/hard of hearing, blindness, and intellectual and other developmental issues. However, we believe strongly first and foremost in honoring the talents and passions of our students.

Dance, Theater, Musical Theater, Music/Band, Fine Arts/Crafts, and more.

CAMP LOCATION: Attend online or in-person
In-person classes are held at West Village Meeting House
29 South Street, West Brattleboro, Vermont.

CAMP FACILITIES: West Village Meeting House is located at 29 South Street, West Brattleboro, VT. There is ample parking, and the venue is handicapped accessible.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: As an organization we are rooted deeply in a dedication toward inclusion and our refusal to permit any acts of bullying, exclusion, intimidation, or name calling during all classes, rehearsals, and performances. We insist that all students are accepted and that only kindness to others is permitted. We take seriously our job of teaching: all are welcome, all are valued, and all have a place. Valuing diversity is at the core of our work.

We love surprises! Creativity abounds in Theatre Adventure. We recognize that there are many ways to communicate and that everyone has a different voice with unique abilities and ideas. Finding moments for each participant to shine (both on stage and off stage) continually guides our work. We enjoy one another in a spirit of playfulness, creativity, and acceptance while bringing stories to life and basking in the magic of theatre!

Our Theatre Adventure staff consists of two Directors and three teachers. We have a full time volunteer costumer, two technology consultants, and several dedicated community volunteers who provide extra help at show time and during fundraisers. We are also fortunate to have visiting artists for dedicated periods of time. Musicians/songwriters, dancers/choreographers, and scenic/fabric/visual artists bring a depth of skill and artistry to our students that benefit all. A core belief in Theatre Adventure is that everyone is a learner and further, discovering one’s growing edge provides inspiration for creating remarkable theater.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Contact for information regarding financial aid.

YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMS: We offer a nine-month school year program that culminates in the presentation of two different spring productions. Additionally, we have a three-week summer seminar exploring expressive arts.

• Monday, June 19th – Friday, June 23rd
• Monday, June 26th – Friday, June 30th
• Monday, July 10th – Friday, July 14th

Attend online or in-person

Sign up for one, two, or all three weeks

• $300.00 for one week
• $400.00 for two weeks
• $475.00 for all three weeks

Financial aid is available.

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Theatre AdventureSummer Expressive Arts

There are 2 Top Vermont Special Needs Camps Below


Find a great collection of custom-made shirts, hoodies, bags, swag & gear on our RedBubble page. Click on any image or the link below.

More Info

Green Mountain Lions Camp
South Cabot, Vermont

Visit Our Green Mountain Lions Camp Website
Covenant Hill Camp
246 Covenant Hills Road
South Cabot, Vermont 05647

CAMPER AGES: 8 through 18

TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway.

CAMPER GENDER(S): Coed Campers.

AFFILIATION(S): All faiths

BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: Summer program for deaf and hard of hearing young people and their siblings, and hearing children of deaf parents. Space and scholarships are still available.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: The primary language used in camp is American Sign Language.

Theater, Fine Arts/Crafts, Horses/Equestrian, Swimming, Waterfront/Aquatics, and more. American Sign Language

CAMP LOCATION: Located on Route 2, twenty five miles East of Montpellier on Route 2 East.

CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Our camp has brought together deaf and hard of hearing children and teens from all over New England and beyond for over 30 years.
The primary language used at camp is American Sign Language (ASL) and we guide and encourage all signers to practice and use ASL to foster an environment of access and inclusion.
This is our third at this beautiful location in Cabot, VT. This campus has hiking trails, fields to play on, a barn for indoor activities, craft cabin and waterfront swimming and boating.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please call Patricia at 802-274-3543

OTHER CAMP INFO: Please call Patricia at 802-274-3543.

July 7th through July 27th 2019

Print (or view) Camp Profile for:
Green Mountain Lions Camp

There is 1 Top Vermont Special Needs Camp Below

Vermont YMCA Camps
YMCA Camps in Vermont

Camp Dudley YMCA (Boys)
126 Dudley Road
Westport, NY 12993
(518) 962-4720

Camp Kiniya (Girls)
1317 Camp Kiniya Road
Colchester, VT 05446 USA
(802) 893-7850


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